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The Unseen Power In A Woman By Anthony Abel

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Unseen Power In A Woman

The Unseen Power In A Woman By Anthony Abel

The Unseen Power In A Woman, Women are exceptional beings, supernatural and carriers of a large heart. From biblical context, the woman was created to serve as a helpmate which implies that, there is an originally made reserved power deposited in her from onset by God himself.

Successful men are products of good women either a mother or a wife. One of the attribute of good motherhood is to see that she discomforts herself for the comfort of others which I am proud to say SENATOR AISHA JUMMAI ALHASSAN is a plus to womanhood.


No mother will stand the pains of seeing a child’s life go down the drain when she has the capacity to offer a helping hand even for the pains at child’s birth no wonder, the love of a mother to a child is extraordinary and super amazing. SENATOR AISHA JUMMAI ALHASSAN is out to put a smile on our faces, to give us hope for a better future and most importantly to serve as a pillar in the pursuit of a successful and pleasant life for every determined youth.

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Tradition may have it that it is a taboo for a woman to rule over a man forgetting that a woman has dominion over a man as far as she is the only being that God uses as source of men. It is dangerous to contradict tradition or doctrine with reality in human endeavors.

My dear has come to serve and push us to the top, may success continue to be our aim and God’s grace our enablement. Why do I have interest in SENATOR AISHA JUMMAI ALHASSAN?

1. Mummy is anxious for nothing; she is contented with what she has while she pursues what she wants.

2. Mummy’s lifestyle has taught me that Hope is a confident expectation for something good to happen in the future. Never give up on your dreams.

3. Mummy is a true representation of a mother who believes that a cry for one is a cry for all.


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