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Stigma – By JayNoVa (POEM)

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Stigma - By Jnova (POEM)

Stigma – By Jaynova (POEM)

His eyes were red, His fist tough, his muscles were like the walls of Jericho. Dread consumed your soul, the gulp of fear sank down your throat, your stomach felt bitter, he pounced on you and Squash, He broke the hymen or maybe the hymen was already broken.

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It was cold and drizzling, you had goosebumps, your hair strands dancing to the rhythm of the cold night. You cuddled till you felt cosy. Just a thought mama would have never wanted you to be this comfortable, so always adviced you to be careful..


Ooops it didn’t sound so loud in your ear, so you kept on going. The romance got intense and your hearts raced like formula 1. You were dripping, He became a rod, the bee kissed the flower and the vacuum in your womb was brimful. Papa will be so disappointed.. You were his favorite child….

So proud of you he sounded your praises in the ears of the universe. (pheeeewww) Now you are in regrets, you hate every man or maybe yourself for being careless. You feel like exterminating the life that grows within you. Point~You don’t have the right to do so ??‍♀……

Because it doesn’t matter the format you got your Vacum full, the soul in there deserves a shot at life. It deserves to live!



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