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POEM: Happiness By Pjexword

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Happines By Pjexword

Happiness By Pjexword

The feeling of pleasure and satisfaction…

The feeling you get when you feel you have gotten it all. The feeling you get when show humanity. The feeling you get when you show empathy…

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The feeling you don’t get when you bring down does beneath you coz you were above to help them all up. Do you get happy when u get equal success with your neighbor or do you get happy when your neighbor gets demoted? Is it empathy you have for some one who has been cheated and hurt and rejected or is it sympathy? Does your happiness lies in material success….( Clothes, New cars, Shoes, Rolex, Sex, seeing others crushed)??

Awk see, let’s reason the golden rule “do unto other’s what you want them to do to you”. So now what’s wrong in the golden rule? Let’s view it this way….

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When you you make people unhappy, it creates a negative emotion on you and also on them. Positive feelings are subtle. While negative emotions screamed at us positive emotions whisper happiness to calm our hurt and pain and anger and rage…

Preach happiness people coz no one alive deserves unhappiness. But hey! Wait a minute….

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Where even does your happiness comes from?? Well I do hope its not drugs or any social ill character…



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