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My Once Sweet Nation By Pjexword(POEM)

by Admin 007
My Once Sweet Nation By PjexWorld (POEM)

My Once Sweet Nation By Pjexword (POEM)

I’ve always known that the sky is blue n the fields are green. Smiles n laughter were the only things I recognized to be the symbol of communication.

Relationships were true n glued with love, trust and understanding. The universe blew everybody wit natural breeze filled with love, peace and unending happiness…

But then, I came 2 realise that the were all illusions. The blue sky turning red filled with innocent blood.

The fields have been crushed with running steps of children and adults. Sounds of gunshot n cry of humans are the new symbol of communication… Only those in power get what the want. Tribalism and racism are now coexist in the country.

How then can we make a change. Truth be told… Citizens are now enemies to the government.


We all are meant to grow together but when we ain’t growing we ain’t changing and wen we ain’t changing then there is no point in living. People are now identified by the weapons the carry.

How pathetic. It is surprising how someone wants his neighbor dead and loves to see others suffer..

Don’t humanity mean anything no more? Evribody is now judge over the other.

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The poor are getting poorer while the rich don’t even care. It’s meant to be united we stand, divided we fall but its the other way round now.

We no longer have the same sense of nationhood anymore. The world is now surrounded with clouds of weakness. Pride is the new ruler..

Gunfire’s and explosions are the new fireworks and stars are not the only shooters in the sky. Relationships are now build on lies, deceit and blackmails.

People are now congratulated for doing evil. Everyone is lifting their weapons but hey! A lot would have been alive if their weapons were laid down.

Let’s leave love n peace n harmony n then everything will be ok!!



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