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Let Love Prevail – Jegs Mailafia

by Admin 007
Let Love Prevail - Jegs Mailafia

Let Love Prevail – Jegs Mailafia

Let love prevail

In as much as we know things are not done right, Tarabans don’t often speak out because they think we will feel it’s because they don’t like us.
Taraba state is blessed with so many talents and natural resources and for this, I am proud to be a Taraban, God bless the natures gift.

Taraba mostly have the problem of creative directors and that is why our concepts revolve in stationary manner, small one weh we create sef people the over use am pass us.

Let’s be more creative, but if we can’t create an outstanding concept, at least have an idea, involve some of us to help you build it well then you motivate us at least to save yourself from replicating same thing on and on.

We can’t be having multiple people doing same thing, same way, same audience for a decade. Them go tire! Note that Creativity doesn’t wait for that perfect moment, It fashions its own perfect.

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Greed is another thing that kills us. One person want to own all the good things or events in this small place and at the end, you record zero success of all the events or what ever he or she is into which is highhanded,

So powerful is the light of unity that it can illuminate the whole earth, we can’t progress if we don’t unite.

From the time we look things as achievement and not as money then growth will come, I am a Taraban and will love to know large record of success in my state in few years to come.

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This is 2020 the attitude of high-harshness should stop, we never can’t tell when and through who God will bless our life’s it can be through helping someone whole Heatedly.

God can use anything or reason to bless you, learn to love your fellows success and progress because hatred can stop your own blessing from reaching you.

We have the issue of craft Thieves or creative theft , plagiarism, some people are always standby waiting for you to share or gist them about any tangible ideas, the next thing u will see them going about executing your plans simply because they feel they have more influence instead of supporting the vision. I wish to crave our indulgence to practice more love, try to be creative or work with creative minds for better Taraba.

Jegs Mailafia

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