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FULL ALBUM: Riz Ahmed – The Long Goodbye EP

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Riz Ahmed - The Long Goodbye EP

Download Riz Ahmed – The Long Goodbye EP Album Download

Download Riz Ahmed – The Long Goodbye EP Album Download – A couple of days prior, English on-screen character rapper-extremist Riz Ahmed dropped an EP and going with short film, both titled The Long Goodbye.


In a tweet reporting the arrival of his EP on Friday, March 6, Ahmed states, “My nation’s said a final farewell to me. We had our ups, however now it’s separated. Let me separate the entire f**kery.” A separation collection, despite the fact that not your normal, ponders Brexit and Britain’s elevated xenophobia. In a meeting with British Vogue, this is what Ahmed needed to state about his task and why he made it:

“I wanted to talk about how it feels to be here [in England]. It feels heartbreaking, man. It feels enraging. It feels like it’s not real. When you’re in a relationship, sometimes you’re looking for someone else to validate you. And when you’re rejected, you internalize the idea that you aren’t worth anything. I’m feeling rejected by Britain, but I am f**king British. I am Britain. So evaporating that illusion of duality is really empowering.”

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The 15-track EP, complete with spoken word and recesses from Mahershala Ali, Mindy Kaling and Yara Shahidis, is joined by an almost 12-minute short film that depicts a future, imagine a scenario in which Britain where extraordinary racists are in charge, executing individuals in rural boulevards. The video reaches a conclusion with a short sonnet, “Where Are You From.”

“Now everybody everywhere want their country back/If you want me back to where I’m from then bruv I need a map/Or if everyone just gets their shit back then that’s bless for us/You only built a piece of this place bruv, the rest was us.”

Watch The Long Goodbye short film above and tune in to the EP beneath. Ahmed is likewise expected to take the EP out and about in the not so distant future; look at the dates at thelonggoodbye.co.uk.

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