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6 Ways To Get Rid (Treat) Of Stretch Marks

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6 Ways To Get Rid (Treat) Of Stretch Marks

6 Ways To Get Rid (Treat) Of Stretch Marks

6 Ways To Get Rid (Treat) Of Stretch Mark, Stretch marks are irregular lines present on the skin due to expansion and sometimes contraction of the skin. Stretch marks are commonly found around the stomach, buttocks, back, thigh and arms.

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There is a general tendency to rate those having stretch marks as lacking concern for skin care. But reality often differs from assumption.
A lot of people with stretch marks nurse the feeling of contempt for their skin and find it difficult to expose those part of the body having the signature of stretch mark to public view. The worry becomes intense when a lot of resources is committed into skin care, while stretch mark remains adamant to remove. This article is the final bus stop to such worry, as our prescriptions are well articulated following series of researches on skin care and healthy living.

1. Make a paste of “coffee” with water and apply it directly on the area of your skin having stretch marks for a lighter and smoother skin. Skin care apostles understand the importance of coffee for a healthy and glowing skin better.

2. Theobroma oil is otherwise known as “Cocoa butter” is a very strong weapon used in combating stretch marks. Get theobroma oil and apply generously on the affected area of your skin. This will help keep your skin hydrated and glowing. Repeat this twice daily after bath for a minimum of two weeks, you will be amazed at the result.

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3. Castor oil is another powerful skin care remedy to the malady of stretch marks. A slightly warm castor oil can help vanish stretch marks when applied on the skin within few weeks, due to the presence of ricinoleic acid in castor oil.

4. The potency of “Aloe Vera” in stretch mark removal can not be over emphasized as aloe Vera is a special plant with wide use for skin care. Generously apply aloe Vera juice on stretch marks at least twice daily. You will surely notice a positive difference within a month or two.

5. Shea butter also have a very strong moisturizing property that can help make one’s skin smooth and spotless. An application of shea butter on areas of the skin having stretch marks also helps a great deal in caring for the skin.

6. Break “Vitamin E capsules” and apply the liquid content on areas affected by stretch marks for a glowing and spotless skin. Capsules can also be swallowed, but direct application on the skin, especially after bath, works better and faster.

It is, however, important to consider what your partner’s opinion on stretch marks is, before you opt for stretch mark removal therapy as we have explained in preceding paragraphs. This, without gainsaying, is because some guys and ladies have turn on for stretch marks. Ascertaining what your partner’s opinion on stretch marks should therefore constitute the first step in your move towards adopting our effective stretch mark removal therapy in your skin care basket.

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